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When Hollywood Calls…

So much media, so little time.

It was a dream when I wrote my first book that someday a Hollywood producer would call and want to make it into a movie. Well, it kind of happened like that. I got a call, and boom…my book was a movie.

Ok. It took a few more steps than that.

Discussions of who would represent my interests (an expert entertainment attorney) followed by discussions back and forth when funding fell through and came back and negotiations of who, what, when, where and how the book would be represented, and, oh, yeah, how much I would get paid.

Finally. Love on the Lido Deck was produced on the Hallmark Channel as Love at Sea starring Carlos and Alexa PenaVega.

It debuted as the number one cable program on the Saturday it was shown, and it is in rotation in the Hallmark line-up.

Look for it. It is different than the book but it is a charming representation of my story nonetheless.


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