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Game On: A Romantic Comedy That Scores

Stunning, violet-eyed Maisie Valenti grew up in the rough-and-tumble world of sports with a football coach father and six athletic brothers. Her dream job has always to be a national sports reporter and she is slowly working her way up the ladder to be in a major market.

On her way, she shares the screen with popular sports celebrities who have dazzling smiles, but it’s Aleksander Markovich behind the camera who has always remained her solid friend – so much that he is firmly stuck in the friend zone.

Maisie finally gets her big chance to move to the nation’s biggest market and gain the approval of a national sports heartthrob– if only she’ll make a professional compromise.

Should Maisie do whatever it takes to get her dream job? And what would it take for Aleksander to step in front of the camera and finally come into focus for her?