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Hear ye…hear ye…you don’t need to turn pages anymore

I know???

Reading one of my books has been streamlined even more.

“Passports and Plum Blossoms” is now available on Audio wherever you get your audiobooks.

Make an audiobook, they said. It’s a snap, they said.

Well. Maybe not a snap…but a whole new world. I was involved in “casting” the voice and giving her a list of character traits to use for everyone in the book. Editing the work consisted of listening to the book and finding the small anomalies where the narrator didn’t quite hit the sentences as I would have or mispronounced names. It was a challenge for her since I had so many characters with diverse nationalities and accents! She was superb, however, and my edits were few. It’s a whole new marketing world as well because book listeners aren’t necessarily the same as book readers.

I’m looking forward to converting the rest of my books! In the meantime, download a copy of “Passports and Plum Blossoms”, plug in your earbuds and enjoy.


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