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About the Author


Growing up as the daughter of Italian immigrants in North Central West Virginia, I learned to appreciate hard work, the Faith of my ancestors, and the healing power of a plate of pasta at an early age. Given a natural love for learning and a passion for the written word, it was only natural that at some point I become a full-time writer.

I followed a winding path to reach this conclusion, however, spending my early career collecting traditional bullet points on my resume by being a teacher and developing computer science curriculum when computers were not the miniature accessories we all have today. Switching into the business world, I moved up the ladder in the high tech marketing world, always looking for the challenge in traditional marketing, product and project management.

It wasn’t until a corporate merger coupled with a wholesale layoff that I took the leap of faith and started the book that had been rattling around in my head for a couple of years. While completing it and in the midst of much prayer, I took project work doing free-lance writing and editing, and suddenly realized that all my life experiences neatly had led me to exactly where I need to be. Eureka! Now when people say “what do you do?” I am overjoyed to say: “I’m a writer – no, I’m a published author”. Better yet, I can answer the follow-up question with conviction: “Do you like it?” — “No. I LOVE it. I wouldn’t do anything else.”